About Me

          I’ve always liked working with leather. Ever since I was a little kid, I tinkered with pieces of leather that I “reclaimed” from broken or abandoned items. Five years ago, I’ve decided to invest more time in this hobby in order to take the experience to a whole different level. And that’s how I started my journey, with no money or specialty tools, I bought some quality leather and I got to work. After countless iterations, I found the perfect design for a wallet that suited my needs, I still carry that very wallet and then I found out that other friends had the same needs and that’s how the snowball started to roll. Wallet after wallet, little by little, I got to where I am today. Orders from all around the world, happy customers and a constantly growing leather know-how. Profits are important, but what matters to me is the details, the power to make a costumer’s dream come true to the best of my ability and that’s why, countless times, whenever there’s even a tiny  imperfection in my work, I choose to start all over again, striving for the best.

          All products are crafted from the best available materials, from premium quality leather to professional tools and dyes and with a little care from your part, these goods are guaranteed to last a lifetime, maybe more.